Control of Real Estate Titles -
Real Estate Sales

❝ We undertake the Audit of Control of Real Estate Titles and Real Estate Sales with continuous supervision of the process by experienced lawyers ❞

Buying and selling a property is a very important transaction for each of us.

If you have settled on some properties of your choice, the presence of a lawyer is necessary before proceeding with any further actions, so that after a series of checks they can assure you that the property meets the legal requirements and is ensured that it is free from encumbrances and mortgages.

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The Law Office Angelos N. Kounadis & Associates, through years of experience and partnerships with real estate agencies and notaries, has the ability to provide you with immediate and complete services for the entire process of a purchase. From the beginning to the last signatures.

In support of the above, in an appointment with the competent lawyer from our office and after you provide the necessary details of the property you are interested in, we can start the title check and after it is processed we consistently direct you to the next bureaucratic procedures that must be completed.

Through the above guidance we save valuable time until the completion of the sale, taking away from you the responsibility for all the actions that must take place. What is extremely important is the constant presence and supervision of our office in the procedures that follow and concern the conclusion of a preliminary purchase agreement, the engineer, the final signatures with the seller and the transfer of ownership. With this policy our customer is able to feel safe throughout the process that there will be no mistakes or omissions.

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